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Imagination encircles the world


My practice aids knowing oneself to restore calm or enrich your life. Value resides in the balance of being and doing to live in harmony with nature, with other people and, significantly, with yourself.

People from all walks of life who are generally well, engage from a RESTORATIVE drive to feel differently, quickly. Others, desire to explore and develop CREATIVE dynamic imagination.  Still others seek both, for all round personal development and love of life.

A well-regarded, professional practitioner, I am ready to hear from you — welcome!

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YOU — we always start with your perspective in your own words or images, listening to your sense of self as you describe the story of your life, my witnessing how you know yourself and respecting your pace.

There is plenty of time for you to choose from my various approaches, which derive from a healthy combination of Western therapy and Eastern consciousness studies. Integrated awareness emerges from my own approaches of Aspects of Self and Bodyfulness — plus many other whole being practices, such as found in Alexander Technique, ecopsychology, mindfulness meditation, Seishindo or Sophrology.

Here are my most frequently chosen, effective and enjoyable approaches.

aspects of self

Aspects of Self describes my rapid, transformative way of releasing anxious body tension and your circling thoughts, quickly restoring a sense of balance, ease, renewal and certainty. Ideal for people who can relate to being ‘Oneself’ yet comprised of various different energies, moods or states.

What it feels like … generally our Inner Aspects are well integrated, cooperating positively to consider all options from different perspectives. Integrated Aspects thrive on regular problem solving and remain constant so, when ready, we make decisions and then follow-through reliably with our actions.

When faced with stress, shock or challenge, some Aspects collapse, act-out or provoke inner conflict. Overall we feel anxious, uncertain, with pervasive tiredness or other symptoms. We get the stuck sensation and may say “we don’t know ourselves”. When this becomes habitual or begins to interfere with everyday life, to block activities or threaten relationships, clients engage to resolve, release and feel differently. At such times, together, we consider your Inner Aspects to restore a sabotage-proof inner resource, within your re-integrated, re-energised, re-connected sense of self.

person to person learning … encircles the world
Jung 1875–1961 » Paul Ferdern 1871–1950 » John ‘Jack’ Watkins 1913–2012 »
Gordon Emmerson » 2008 » Susan White

In 2008, I met Gordon Emmerson PhD author and respected mentor of Ego State Therapy, now the worldwide practice Resource Therapy International. Gordon’s knowledge from the direct person-to-person line of learning (above), made it easy for me to make 3 trips to Melbourne Australia — encircling the world for experiential Practitioner training and experience.

Over a decade I have developed my approach, Aspects of Self, to enable restorative release for a rebalanced sense of self. I am delighted to practice such an accurate, contemporary, responsive and appreciated approach.

It is individually relevant, powerfully effective, gracefully simple.

Gargoyle & BuddhaAspects of Self
Self-funded initial appointment – £200 (2hrs)
Additional restorative sessions – £100-150 (1-1.5hrs)

Organisation-funded – please discuss

It’s been truly transformative …
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therapy | hypnotherapy

To trance, or not to trance?   Hypnosis is optional … yet useful. When practiced professionally, hypnosis is highly effective for reflective-focus and the perfect foil to sabotaging thoughts. If, however, you mistakenly believe ‘hypnosis alone’ to be a remedy, you may be disappointed.

More important is the practitioner’s ability to practice professionally, to be experienced with life issues and, vitally, to remain fully present, open to all aspects of you, and able to listen deeply.

Typical concerns are stress, anxiety, insomnia, phobias, fear, grief, acting-out, insecurity, shyness, weight-gain, relationship strain, loneliness. Or, feeling stuck with a loss of interest in life and fear of creative block. As a professional therapist and experienced hypnotherapist (GHR), rather than processes, symptoms or jargon, my focus is your personal development.

Persistent or complex concerns are explored over time, to fully identify the implications of your instinctive impulses from your later-learnt emotional patterns — to diffuse triggers.

Bodyfulness is my discreet way of being – sensing inwards – that lets you ‘let go’, balance and sustain. Described by some as tuning into their body, this way is found by many to be easier than mindfulness to access consistently and to practice during busy daily activities. Easy to master, Bodyfulness is a practical, ever-present way of supporting oneself.

Therapy / Hypnotherapy
Self-funded initial appointment – £200 (2hrs)
Additional sessions – £100-150 (1-1.5hrs)
Session 6 (1hr relaxation) - free

Organisation-funded – please discuss


The way you guided me was gifted
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creative visualisation

Immersion in a led creative visualisation is a sensory experience that inspires people to flex their creative imagination. Influences are Jungian universal consciousness, metaphysical, animal symbolism, world myths, consciousness studies, physiology and life.

Visualisations create space in the mind for coincidences to arrive.

Felt as your own unspoken, visceral inner experience, creative visualisations deepen, enrich, expand and inspire you. They can be further illustrated by you, however you chose, either simultaneously or later when your ideas develop.

Clarifies meaningfully, makes connections, empowers creative impulse and imaginative expression — simply inspirational.



Creative Visualisation
121 self-funded initial session — £200 (2hrs)
121 self-funded ad hoc sessions — £100 (1.5hrs)

SUMMER PAUSE » annually in larger like-minded group

Organisation-funded – please discuss

It feels as if all of me connects together again, creatively.
I feel very different now — free, calm and incredibly motivated all at the same.
Now, when I give myself the chance to be still, ideas and images come to me.
It’s as if I have unlocked something that feels very useful for the future.
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guided meditation

For people seeking tension relief and the purest relaxation.

Within the filigree of life

within the filigree of life

121 Guided Meditation
121 self-funded initial consultation — £200 (2hrs)
121 self-funded ad hoc sessions — £100 (1hr)

Group Guided Meditation
enquire — dates, locations, group participation fee

SUMMER PAUSE » annually in larger like-minded group

Organisation-funded — please discuss

It felt like a state of grace
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Imagination is the preview of life’s coming attractions

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